I am Dr. Vicky Dominguez, D.Sc. Over twenty five years ago, I learned about a natural substance, glutathione, that literally changed my life and my family's. Since then, I have been advocating the benefits of glutathione on human health. To this day, I am still amazed by the life-changing benefits effected by the dietary consumption of precursors (building blocks) of glutathione.

The discovery that intracellular glutathione (GSH) production could be substantially enhanced with the ingestion of a food supplement, is indeed a breakthrough in cellular self-defense.

We know the following about glutathione:

  • It is found in every single cell in our body.
  • It is built by the cell itself using precursors, or building blocks.
  • It is essential for the normal function of the cell.
  • It is destroyed in the digestive track if taken orally.
  • It can go out of the cell, but it can not go into the cell.
  • It recycles antioxidants.
  • It bonds itself to toxins to make them water-soluble for easy disposal.
  • It enhances immune system cells. It is literally "food for the immune system".
  • It helps to slow down the degeneration of brain nerve cells.

The science of glutathione is in its infancy; currently, there are over 150,000 scientific papers published in the medical literature regarding the effects of low levels of glutathione in many medical conditions and diseases.

The impact of glutathione on the health system is only comparable to that of the discovery of penicillin.